VJ Touring Setups & Secrets with Comix


Lexy, Lewis and Sam from Comix will discuss how Notch has been a major addition to their live setup, drawing from years of experience with VJing all around the world, and how mixing motion graphics with live video brings energy to stage performances.

The Comix workflow of using Notch for content generation and Resolume for mapping means they have found a versatile and easily changeable workflow for the vast amount of different stages the show has to work on throughout the tour.



18 January 2019


Centre Stage




25 minutes

Lewis Benfield

Comix is a multimedia company specializing in live events, interactive design, motion graphics, and film. Lewis is a keen Creative Individual and has been working with comix over numerous of years. Ranging on projects from Motion Graphics, video content, and more recently Notch.

When not in the office, Lewis is on Tour VJing for such artists as DJ Snake, Kygo, Tinie Tempah and most recently Lil Uzi Vert. Notch has been a major addition to his live setup and he can't ever imagine a show without it."

VJ Touring Setups & Secrets with Comix

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