The Stupid & Silly: ‘What Else’ We Do with Notch at MEPTIK



Nick Rivero

Co-hosted by Joshua Eason. From building a face tracking genie in a bottle, to visualizing brainwaves, to an interactive psychedelic acid trip, we explore and breakdown the ‘what else’ uses of Notch, all while having some fun and testing new technologies along the way.



17 January 2019


Centre Stage




25 minutes

Nick Rivero

Born in Miami, Florida, and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Nick comes from a long standing background in live video production, having designed the technical systems behind a variety of touring artists, corporate events, and everything in between. Now having serving as the lead on all things innovative and technical at MEPTIK Nick focuses on realizing the technical needs and systems that make events and projects happen.

Nick has since co-founded MEPTIK - an Atlanta-based creative agency specialized in custom design for live environments - and acts as the chief technologist.

The Stupid & Silly: ‘What Else’ We Do with Notch at MEPTIK

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