Panel: What Real-Time Means For the Future of Content Design



Bent Stamnes

Panelists: Matt Swoboda, Joshua Eason, Scott Millar & Brett Bolton.

With more tools, projects and experiences incorporating real-time rendering and interactive elements, the nature of how people work is also evolving. In this panel, we will discuss how real-time is becoming a tool that affects all parts of the design process, from initial idea to finished product.. and beyond.



18 January 2019


Centre Stage




45 minutes

Bent Stamnes

Bent is the Head of Marketing at Notch. But don't let the dull title fool you: he has extensive knowledge of the real-time graphics space having worked as freelance graphics consultant for 15 years with high-profile brands such as NVIDIA, ARM, Plastic and deadmau5. He has produced countless award-winning real-time projects, and is a prolific electronic musician as well.

Bent has been a featured speaker at creative and film conferences such as FITC and FMX, a contributor and jury member at SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live, as well as been the main organizer of graphics related events such as NVISION and NVScene in cooperation with NVIDIA.

Panel: What Real-Time Means For the Future of Content Design

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