Panel: Is Notch Disrupting the Creator-Client Relationship?



Bent Stamnes

"Real-time - it should make things cheaper right?", "Can't you just do it now?", "It needs to look like this Octane render that took 30mins a frame... but do it real-time".

Panelists: Luke Malcolm, J.T. Rooney, Nick Rivero & Michael Al-Far.

There is no doubt that bringing real-time tools to content creation workflows is 'disruptive'. But when harnessed, it brings such huge benefits that it can't be ignored. In this panel, you'll be hearing from people who have been at the front line of this for the last years; sharing their wisdom on the challenges, successes and best practices for navigating these new dynamics with your clients.



17 January 2019


Centre Stage




45 minutes

Bent Stamnes

Bent is the Head of Marketing at Notch. But don't let the dull title fool you: he has extensive knowledge of the real-time graphics space having worked as freelance graphics consultant for 15 years with high-profile brands such as NVIDIA, ARM, Plastic and deadmau5. He has produced countless award-winning real-time projects, and is a prolific electronic musician as well.

Bent has been a featured speaker at creative and film conferences such as FITC and FMX, a contributor and jury member at SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live, as well as been the main organizer of graphics related events such as NVISION and NVScene in cooperation with NVIDIA.

Panel: Is Notch Disrupting the Creator-Client Relationship?

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