Notch - Last Minute Life Saver in Production Environments


Last minute changes, last minute requests, last minute content orders. Notch is clearly the weapon of choice if you are a content designer and work in the live entertainment field. In this session you will hear content design horror stories and how Notch solved all those problems with ease. You will also see how we developed the ALLE FARBEN Festival show in a single day.



17 January 2019


Innovation Lab




25 minutes

Uwe Schröder

Based in Cologne, Germany, Uwe has worked in the live entertainment industry for over 19 years, working his way through various fields of show and ending up in specializing in the field of video, motion graphics, media server operations and show development. As a passionate visual artist, he has been doing live visuals since 2006 for festivals, as a tour VJ and as a visual artist on music events in general.

With extensive experience on the disguise media server, he has also been part of the operator teams at various projection mapping projects and shows all around the world, combining his extensive knowledge about content creation and live visual artistry to meet the daily challenges of such projects.

Notch - Last Minute Life Saver in Production Environments

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