Making of "Lost Under Heaven" 360 Video



Damian Hale

Update: this session has unfortunately been canceled.

A session about the creation of a 360 music video for the band Lost Under Heaven.After many years designing video for the live environment we were keen to explore the possibilities of environmental video design without the constraints of a live venue.We will discuss how Notch was an integral part of the process from the initial tests to the final product.



18 January 2019


Centre Stage




25 minutes

Damian Hale

Damian Hale, David Shepherd and Alex Eckford are from Treatment Studio in London. London-based Creative Director Damian Hale has over 20 years experience in video design, specialising in live visuals for acts including Sigur Rós, New Order and Ed Sheeran.

David Shepherd is Treatment’s Technical Director, and has worked on a huge range of projects, including for U2, Sigur Rós, and Elton John. VR Director Alex Eckford has created virtual reality work for artists including U2, The Rolling Stones and Louis Vuitton.

Making of "Lost Under Heaven" 360 Video

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