Mapping out Notch in AR production environments



Scott Millar

Augmented reality in broadcast and film has been gaining momentum as GPU technologies advance and tools, like Notch, allow 3d artists to directly create for these canvases. Bild have been pushing the boundaries of Notch in AR since their first broadcast demos in 2016. They will be sharing their knowledge of the technologies, creative workflows and integration points for this emerging space.



17 January 2019


Centre Stage




45 minutes

Scott Millar

Scott is the co-founder of Bild Studios alongside David Bajt and Rowan Pitts. We are based in London but work worldwide helping bring creative visual ideas to life. With a background based in IT, AV Technology and Engineering, Scott has spent the last 10 years as a technical architect and director, sending 1's and 0's between various systems in even expanding and complicated ways.

Mapping out Notch in AR production environments

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