FRAY Studio: Generative Content for Theatre


Previously we have been slaves to time code. If we wanted anything to land on the beat or significant musical moments Time Code was the only way. Musical directors changing BPM or adding bars causes havoc and often a lack of understanding of how other departments use time code leads to chaos; all of this makes producing content for live theatre or anything else a challenge.

On Frozen we wanted to create a living, responsive and seamless Aurora Borealis the was able to behave musically with no time code.  Learn how we used Notch to build the aurora and then make it perform like another character in the show.



18 January 2019


Centre Stage




25 minutes

Finn Ross & Adam Young

FRAY is a multi award winning video design studio specialising in live performance. Founded in 2015 by Finn Ross and Adam Young, two award winning video designers with a shared background in theatre.Since then, their work has taken them across many forms: stage, opera, rock, museums, art installations and high-quality bespoke content for corporate clients.

The studios focus is on video as a storytelling tool, not simply on screen but using it creatively in three-dimensional space.

FRAY Studio: Generative Content for Theatre

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