Brand-Centric World: Fitting Brands Creative Needs Within Notch



Joshua Eason

Co-hosted with Nick Rivero. In a brand-centric world with demanding visual identities and client needs, we breakdown projects ranging from AT&T to Amazon to take a look at how Notch fits into existing motion design workflows and moves us forward.



17 January 2019


Centre Stage




25 minutes

Joshua Eason

Born in Savannah, Georgia, US, Joshua Eason graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with a degree in visual effects. Having since worked extensively in everything from projection mapping to lighting design, Joshua has extensive experience in creating visual experiences.

Specializing in Notch and realtime workflows, Joshua lives in Atlanta, GA and resides as interactive designer at MEPTIK - an Atlanta-based creative agency specialized in custom design for live environments. He focuses on utilizing cutting edge technologies to create engaging and interactive elements for everything from brand activations, to corporate events, to everything else in between.

Brand-Centric World: Fitting Brands Creative Needs Within Notch

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