5 Lessons Learned with Notch in Live Broadcast


Using Notch in live Broadcast environment is a gift. But it has its challenges. In this session hear all about how Notch was vital in the graphics created for the revival of the TV show Soapstar Superstar.



18 January 2019


Innovation Lab




25 minutes

Michael Al-Far

Michael founded Malfmedia in 2013 specialising in content design and previsualisations. The course of the company changed dramatically after being introduced to Notch. Since then Malfmedia has collaborated on various Notch based projects both in the UK  and abroad.

Malfmedia has worked closely with Whitelight and disguise in the conception and creation of the award winning “Eurosport Cube” and that same collaboration lead to the Mixed Reality Production Studio which was introduced at IBC in 2018

5 Lessons Learned with Notch in Live Broadcast

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