3 Years of Selling & Explaining Notch: What Have We Learned?



Luke Malcolm

Sales might be a dirty word in the creative industry, but so often when you rock up with a new tool you're having to convince your client, colleagues or CFO that using it is a really (really) good idea. Luke Malcolm has spent the last years bringing Notch into the lives of creative directors, designers, systems integrators, video techs. He'll be sharing his experiences of helping people understand the value of Notch and how you can cut through the ever-present noisy hype of 'real-time'.



18 January 2019


Centre Stage




25 minutes

Luke Malcolm

Luke has spent the last two decades building. Building everything from businesses, interactive installations, experiences and teams. He knows enough C++ to make him dangerous and with visual parents for artists, he spent his childhood on stages, photo shoots and FOH.

In more recent years he's been pivotal in growing businesses in the AV and content industry, but also building experiences like the Nike Rise interactive basketball court.

Today he spends his time as a founder growing Notch and raising his young family in London.

3 Years of Selling & Explaining Notch: What Have We Learned?

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